Banners, Posters and Signs

Creating senior and team banners involves significant effort and expenses. I don't ask for any upfront payment from schools or teams for photographing athletes and crafting composites. Instead, I rely on sales from parents and athletes, as well as banner sales to cover costs. Plus, our turnaround time for banners is exceptionally quick.

We always ensure that coaches have input on the design or template for senior banners. It's important to me that everyone has a fantastic experience with Coastal Sports and feels inclined to return year after year for exceptional imagery of their athletes.

Almost every aspect is customizable, including font style, placement, and color schemes. Templates cater to various sports and activities; for instance, if there's a basketball featured, there's likely versions for volleyball or football as well.

To streamline the process, just let me know your team's preferred templates. Typically, both team and individual banner templates align, so you only need to choose one style. I often tweak certain elements for seniors to make their banners unique and memorable. Upon scheduling, I'll provide access to a gallery of template options for you to choose from.


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